Useful Musky Fishing Tips – Learn How To Catch Musky Fish

Muskie with its zoological name Esox masquinongy is a freshwater fish found largely in North America. It is called as muskellunge and Muskie is its nick name. The fish is large in size and is quite uncommon. They found in rivers and lakes, particularly mesotrphic and oligotrophic lakes. The fish preys on frogs, muskrats, ducklings, mice snakes, small mammals, small birds and crayfish. During the month of spring the fish will feed on small prey, while they prey on big creatures during the winter months. Musky fish lives in clear water that has weeds, outcrops and other structure. Particularly shallow waters with heavy weeds in the rivers and streams are its favorite hiding place. They also like rocky shoreline. Normally the fish is hardly caught less than 40 feet. The preferred temperature is 50 to 60 degrees.

The fish breeding in gravel area about six feet deep. It can be easily identified with its light brown color skin and it looks similar to red fins and grass pickerels.

Musky fishing tips
Countless hours has been spent on research the fishing techniques. Some of the comfortable angler positions that can yield better catch are listed below:

· Get a water body map before planning to fish for muskie. The map can give you the information on the depth and contours. It will help you identify the best hunting spots.
· Use hooks that are barbless while fishing for muskie. You can easily remove the hook and save on your hook sets.
· When you find the water cool, particularly during spring time, invest in a small size bait. During spring the fish often looks for smaller prey size and increases the size of the prey during fall. As the season changes increase the size. Using the right bait can put you in an advantageous position irrespective of the season.
· Invest in a heavy duty 7 to 8 foot fishing pole with a 20 to 25 pounds fishing line. Also get a leader wire that is 75 to 100 pound. A high quality and top brand leader wire can ensure you catch monsters.
· If you are planning to go fishing with live bait, keep some good stock of minnows or some baby bull frogs. These are the staple diet of muskie.

Muskie facts
The scientific name is Esox masquinongy and it lives for about 8 to 10 years and sometimes as longer as 20 years. The average length is around 29” to 48” and some are even 6 feet long. The average weight is 5 to 36 pounds and as large as 60 or more pounds. The fish is predominantly found in North America. The ideal temperature for the fish to thrive is 50-60 degrees.

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