Symbol of Joy and Hope – Dolphins

Swimming with the dolphins is a high light of many peoples’ lives – adult or child. Constructive programs of development for autistic and other challenged individuals are rapidly expanding and have great results in bringing them to participate more now. Dolphins have a remarkable ability to bring us into our feelings. Most people describe the feelings of swimming with dolphins as joy and hope. Dolphins hold this frequency for us. Joy is about the soaring feelings of light-hearted happiness; hope is trust through time. We feel light and happy and we have hope about now and the future. What is it about dolphins that make us feel this way? When we are in the presence of dolphins we go to our feelings, triggered by their sense of playfulness.

We then seem to get caught up in the strength of their feeling and we also resonate with joy and hope! No wonder we love them, as we love what they do for us, how they make us feel! This state is so profound it occurs whether we are fully physically or mentally able or not, child or adult, sick or well. Many of us load up our lives with our expectations, some of which we know and some of which we don’t: we have to do this; we must do that. Soon we are living other peoples lives, the life our expectations – rather than what really matters to us. As such we often end up stressed out, often sleep deprived and have resentment of these demands or guilt for avoiding them bubbling around in our bodies! Rather than remedy this, we hope it will go away. When it doesn’t we try to fix it with distractions. When holidays, shopping and socially acceptable distractions fail we may move onto harder stuff, many of which are damaging to our bodies. When our ‘fixes’ don’t work our self confidence is reduced.

If we can’t ‘fix’ it and we have tried so many things what else can we do? We start a spiral which is hard to recognize and harder to step out of. We stop wanting to know how we feel about certain things or in general. We may even become ‘allergic’ to our feelings; they really don’t feel good. The problem with this is that it can be the foundation of ‘dis-ease’, our avoidance leads us to hold energy in certain parts of our bodies over time which can lead to imbalance. Most of the big dis-eases like cancer, auto-immune diseases and depression may start this way. How do we find something in our technical world to enable us to connect again to our ‘good’ feelings and find balance to step out of this state (dis-ease)? Most of us don’t. A few go back to childhood joys and can re find their sense of purpose and confidence. Many of us need something more. Dolphins can take us way beyond this, they can help us connect with our strong feelings of joy and hope and this lift us out of our gloom.